Parents Testimonials

Feedback from Parents


"Teachers genuine care of and interest in getting to know my child accommodating their needs.
Posting about Blast off on Educa so it was something I could talk about with my child.
Loving and caring place with a committed staff who also care about the child's wider family"


"Caring staff, honesty.
Educa stories keeping parents informed.
Children are the priority, nothing was an issue.
Caring and welcoming of children.
Knowing the children so well and getting the best out of them"


"Footsteps runs a centre that provides an excellent foundation for children to continue to grow from.
This can only be credited to the staff and management.
Core values of the centre provide the best fertiliser to grow strong, healthy, young individuals.
We are truly thankful our child was part of such a nurturing and caring environment.
We feel blessed to have met such caring and passionate staff"


"Teaching and Friendship, like my daughter she doesn't know how to speak english but now she speaks well.
Footsteps did the most and the best for all children taking care of them and learn them about Jesus
also feed them with healthy foods"