Payments and

What we provide & what is supplied by yourself


$6.00 per hour

$10.00 for Sun Hat

We require that children do a minimum of 2 sessions a week.

Our Sessions

Please provide your childs lunch each day they attend also

Provide a piece of fruit daily for shared morning tea

Provide a packet of biscuits for each session they are booked in for ( eg: attending 2 days= 4 packets of biscuits for the term.)

Hours centre open:

7:45 - 5:15pm


All Day Children

All day children are required to do a minimum of 5 hours per day.

Hours centre open:

7:45 - 5:15pm



Footsteps is open throughout the normal school holidays & only closes on Public Holidays and 4 weeks during the Christmas & New Year holidays.

Invoices & Payments

Account Invoice

Invoice will be email out to your email address at beginning of each month . Please ensure you give us your correct address when enrolling your child. Let us know If you did not receive your Invoice at beginning of the month.

Fees & Payments

Payments of fees can be made by cash, cheque, automatic payment or internet banking. Please include your family name (as printed on invoice)on your internet banking transaction to ensure credit is allocated to the correct family.

ECE funding

For children receiving 20hours ECE funding for enrolled hours totalling 20hours or less, any additional charges other than late penalties are optional. Please refer to the Enrolment Agreement Form for explanation and schedule of these charges. Regular booking hours will be charged regardless of whether your child is absent, arrives late or is collected early.